Seven life hacks for the New Year

They say that everything always comes true on New Year's Eve. Even something that can't be sold for a whole year. Jokes are jokes, but in the pre-holiday rush it is not always possible to resist New Year's promotions and stay within reasonable limits.

These seven tips will help you prepare for the holiday and not go into negative territory.
1. Plan your budget in advance

In order not to suddenly find yourself with an empty wallet in the middle of the holidays, it is better to set in advance the maximum amount that you are ready to spend for the New Year. Identify the main items of expenditure — for example, "gifts", "New Year's table" and "celebration".

You can put cash in envelopes the old-fashioned way. Or use special mobile applications — financial planning services. You can add expense items to them, set a limit on them and see the dynamics of spending.

No matter how you calculate, but you always want something unexpected for the New Year - and it's unlikely that you can do without unplanned expenses. This is not a reason to reproach yourself for extravagance. Just determine in advance how much you are willing to spend on unforeseen expenses and festive mood and try not to go beyond this amount. Then a Christmas tree toy in the form of an astronaut, a tenth garland or a sled will be a joy for the whole family and will not hit the budget.

2. Don't get fooled by New Year's Eve discounts

Calls for "90% discount on everything!" are very tempting, but in fact they may turn out to be just a trick. Before the holidays, price tags are often specially inflated several times in order to then announce a "sale".
Take a closer look at the necessary things in advance, take a picture or write down their cost and then check if this is a real discount or just a clever marketing ploy.

3. Compare prices

The same products can cost differently in small retail outlets, large chain stores and on the Internet. Sometimes prices can vary by one and a half to two times.

Do not succumb to the festive excitement and do not buy the thing you like right away — it is better to compare all the options first.

4. Don't believe the signs

To celebrate the year of the Blue Water Tiger in a turquoise sweater or a sky—colored dress is funny, but absolutely not necessary.

It is not necessary to blindly follow the traditions and listen to the chiming of the chimes without fail in something new. January 1 is a good reason to really start everything in a new way — for example, to become free from stereotypes.

5. Don't give trinkets

Store shelves are bursting with figurines of porcelain tiger cubs in Christmas hats, but do not rush to buy them. There is always an increased interest in products with the symbols of the coming year. And as a result, they have an inflated price tag.

And who, except collectors, needs such souvenirs. They gather dust in closets, unless, of course, they were thrown out immediately or given to someone.

Buying a souvenir tiger can hardly be an exception. If you want to save and get rich in the new year, it is better to choose other ways for this — for example, to open a deposit or a card with interest on the account balance or an individual investment account.

6. Turn gift wrapping into entertainment

Why spend money on expensive gift boxes and packaging services if you can do it yourself? Design ideas and packaging workshops can be found in videos on the Internet.

So that the efforts are not in vain, during the holiday, hold a competition for the most original wrapper. Again, family and friends will be able to appreciate your efforts, creativity and sense of humor.

7. Celebrate at home

Celebrating at home with loved ones is not only safer in a pandemic, but also more economical. The table can be set together, dividing the costs. Or everyone will prepare a special treat for the common table.
You can also save money on gifts. It is not necessary to buy a dozen inexpensive souvenirs for everyone. It will be better if everyone presents one, but a worthy present. And who will get it — determine in the lottery.

For example, you can play "Secret Santa". This is the same lottery, but the participants draw in advance who gives a gift to whom.

You can distribute who is whose Santa, using special sites. Or play offline: everyone writes their name on a piece of paper and puts it in a bag or hat. Then everyone takes turns pulling out these pieces of paper — whoever gets whose name, he prepares a gift for him. The lottery results should be kept secret.

You can set the approximate cost of gifts in advance and leave your wishes — what you would like to receive from a Secret Santa. This is a great way to both optimize costs and have fun.

If you follow these tips, learn how to plan a budget and monitor expenses, your financial decisions will become more thoughtful and successful for the whole year.